Real Estate Salesperson/Broker

  • Heavy canvassing for sites
  • Developing and nurturing relationships within the real estate community
  • Developing and nurturing relationships with retailers/tenants for representation by BCD
  • Real Estate Salesperson’s or Broker’s License is NOT required – We will train and sponsor for licensure
Qualified candidates will be ESPECIALLY: Aggressive, hard-working, detail-oriented, and professional.
This list of qualities is short but well considered.

Please send letters of interest and resumes to:

Interested in an internship at BCD?

  • Assisting various departments: real estate, marketing, construction management, and client services
  • Flexible schedule
  • Travel expenses reimbursed
  • Available for school credit
  • Networking opportunities in the industry

Read what our interns say about us!

“My summer internship at BCD gave me the opportunity to be an active player in the development of multiple restaurants. As an intern, I was able to lead the team in certain aspects of the development process and frequently interact directly with clients. Working with the BCD team taught me many valuable skills that can be applied to the creation and growth of any business or property. As someone who has always been interested in learning about restaurants, this was a great opportunity to see what it really takes to go from having a concept to creating a venue a guest will remember.”

Sammy Gruber
Cornell University

“My fall internship with BCD allowed me to explore the restaurant development aspect of the hospitality industry. Having the opportunity to take part in site meetings with clients and assist with project management duties helped build on existing skill sets. As an intern, I was given responsibilities to aid with the development of restaurants during the construction phases. It was amazing to see spaces transform and be a part of the changes. The work environment was excellent and I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in the restaurant industry!”

Gabrielle Denson
Syracuse University Hospitality and Food Service Management

“Working at BCD was extremely rewarding and helped me to further define my career path. I learned the fundamentals of developing relationships and the structural needs of different types of business. The staff was always willing to take the time to teach me new things and the candid feedback I received was instrumental to my growth. My internship experience at BCD was excellent!”

Terrance Smith
Columbia University

“My time with BCD exposed me to many aspects of the business side of the hospitality industry. I was involved in negotiating, communicating at the executive level with major brand name organizations, and visiting with clients. It was an invaluable summer internship experience.”

Barry A. Herbst
University of Delaware School of Hospitality Studies

“BCD gave me my first opportunity to understand this strategic sector of the hospitality industry. Working specifically in project management, I was exposed to the very impressive and detailed attention BCD took with each unique client. Whether I was contacting a contractor for a current project under construction, or writing a press release for a new signing, BCD allowed me to gain real-world experience in the restaurant development business.”

Josephine Fontana
New York University

“The internship program at BCD was instrumental in my professional development. Andrew, along with the BCD team, offered a rigorous and hands-on look into the business of branding and development. I was not simply placed on the sidelines making photocopies; BCD genuinely involved me in all aspects of their business. It was a fantastic experience.”

Mark Kizelshteyn
Washington University in St. Louis

“Project management was a foreign concept to me before working for BCD – now I cannot imagine a life without it. It is the epitome of a hands-on internship. Working with this team has been an amazing experience, as they are the best set of teachers and mentors that I could have asked for.”

Rebecca Mitchel
New York University

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